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Being FREISCHWIMMER is uncompromisingly expressing yourself. Courageous. Confident. Responsible. 

We are a value driven movement interested only in how we can make a positive change in this industry and society; be it with the pure self-expression we promote and champion in art, the sustainable practice we aim to employ in all aspects of our production process or the philanthropic support schemes planned in our company expansion; our priority is change.

Vol. 1 reflects the moment of release FREISCHWIMMER represents. The special moments shared by those who chose to be uncompromisingly free and champion their modern viewpoints and lifestyle. A genderless collection, Vol. 1 is a modern symbolism of the uniform of the night, inspired by sensuality, emotion and freedom. We champion our ethics in this collection with our use of vegan fabrics and the introduction of our Zero Waste Cut line; a diffusion line in which design is executed from one piece of fabric in the aim of creating 0% waste in the production process. 

The future is FREISCHWIMMER; a symbol of the conceptual, forward thinking nature of our community.

We aim to create a sustainable circular economy within any design process, in which all of our materials are derived from ecological production. 

We aim to push the boundaries and perceptions of modern art and create an armour of self-expression. 

We aim to support and champion those who have been undervalued and underserved by society. 

Our aim is clear. A community of people driven by the desire for self-expression, empowerment, freedom and most importantly; change.


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